Complete Business Management Solution for the Service Industry

  • Manages technician activity using a drag and drop Dispatch Board
  • Tracks profitability of contracts by analyzing billings and costs incurred for both material and services provided during the term of the contract
  • Auto generates service calls based on preventive maintenance contracts or processed installation sales orders
  • Integrates with Business Insight Explorer to display information by task type, contract, technician

Service Industry Specific features: Technician Scheduling

  • Allows for creation of multiple dispatch board views by defining the information displayed for each service call as well as the selection criteria for displayed service calls
  • Allows for addition of new services calls using the dispatch board
  • Allows for auto creation of tasks based on preventive maintenance contracts defined
  • Allows for auto creation of installation service calls based on options selected during order entry and the routing options defined for the item
  • Match technician skills against requirements defined for each nature of task
  • Track technician availability and prompt for customer scheduling conflicts
  • Communicate dispatch information to technicians via email or fax
  • Display history of service calls for a specific item/serial number or for a specific location
  • Auto generation of installation tasks based on Routings defined from the Sales Order module
  • Optional integration with MapPoint


  • Auto generation of renewal invoices for annual contracts
  • Deferred revenue tracking for annualized contracts
  • Allows for generation of warranty contracts for each item
  • Auto generation of contracts from the Sales Order module using template contracts linked to inventory items

Contract Management

  • Allows for required skill verification by nature of task and check for scheduling conflicts
  • Allows for collection and invoicing of work done by the crew at the field. Allows for loading of tracked information into the Payroll system

Inventory Control

  • Track inventory at customer site and maintain technician truck inventory
  • Allows for creation of purchase orders for material needed for service calls; visual display notifies dispatcher as product is received for the generated purchase order