SAGE 500 erp


Sage 500 ERP

Sage 500 offers market-leading functionality in a variety of areas including financials, project accounting, distribution, manufacturing, and customer relationship management. In each area, Sage 500 offers a powerful range of functionality with the additional benefit of each segment being fully integrated with the rest of the business system. Only when your business operations are truly integrated can you gain the insight you need to run your business effectively.

Accounting and financials

Drive productivity and efficiency with powerful, fully integrated core financial accounting software. Sage 500 delivers a strong suite of tightly integrated, GAAP compliant, accounting and financial modules, easily customizable to the way you do business.

Sales management

Sage 500, with its integrated sales management functionality, simplifies and streamlines the entire sales process. Integrated closely with customer records, sales management modules for Sage 500 provide flexible pricing options, sales tax calculations, and access to Sage Payment Solutions to enhance the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Inventory management and warehousing

Whether your business has one warehouse or many, Sage 500 has the flexibility to maximize the efficiencies of manufacturers and distributors by increasing inventory turns, and minimizing both shortages and overstocks.

Business intelligence and reporting

The ability to quickly access critical business intelligence and analyze it for strategic decision-making can make the difference between thriving and merely surviving. Sage 500 includes a full suite of integrated business intelligence tools that create a comprehensive information management solution. Expand core analytics capabilities with business intelligence options such as Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

Supply chain management

Having the right inventory at the right time means the difference between successfully completing a contract, delivering a finished good, and satisfying a customer or ultimate failure. Sage 500 includes a fully integrated, well designed purchasing management system to enable you to achieve success and profitable growth.


Sage 500 delivers scalable manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of light assembly through advanced manufacturing, all in a tightly integrated suite of modules. These modules address the common concerns of costing, workflow, material tracking, and supply and demand.


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Here are just some of the reasons larger mid-size businesses rely on the power and flexibility of Sage 500 ERP:

  • SQL Server performance and scalability: Manages high transaction volumes and rapid growth.
  • Advanced capabilities: Automate complex processes and give you the tools to manage multiple locations / facilities and international sourcing and sales.
  • Full customization: Suits company-specific processes and adapts to changing requirements.
  • Manufacturing: Streamlines the entire manufacturing process and helps you respond quickly to customer demands. Advanced capabilities include project management, routings, bill of materials, work orders, MRP, scheduling, job costing and labor reporting.
  • Distribution: Ideal for larger distributors with multiple warehouses, Sage 500 ERP optimizes the supply chain, improving productivity and workflow. Reduce inventory carrying and shipping costs and manage customer returns quickly and efficiently.
  • Project Accounting: Gives project-driven businesses the control to reduce cost overruns, improve cash flow, closely track progress and capture every billable hour.
  • Business Intelligence: Best Software specializes in bringing robust, insightful accounting and business management solutions to mid-sized firms with between 20 and 1,000 plus employees. A good business system will capture data but a Best business system provides tools to analyze that data so you can react to business trends, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.