Screenshots for Sage 500 ERP Here are some screen shots to demonstrate how Rental works.

Rental Order Entry


Rental Item Availability Calendar

Crew Dispatch Board and Scheduler

Order Entry Shopping Cart Lookup

Sub-rental Order Entry 

Order Pick Screen with integrated distribution by scanning

Rental Order Return


Invoice Generation Program that allows selection by line 

Business Partner for CRM within MAS 500

Business Partner contact search with categories view

Ability to group labor lines, each group is created with a header and is sub-totaled

Program displays existing crew calls for this rental contract and allows for addition of new calls

Details for each call is entered into the system

Existing calls for the rental contract are displayed and are assigned to rental order lines

Required hours and entered for each call, the calculated price is loaded into the rental order line. System will also display required skills based on the call information entered.

System generates a Crew Request report for the entered information.