Implementation Philosophy


The success of every project depends as much on the planning, project management, and communication as it does the programming.
To that end, IIG adheres to strict guidelines for building and deploying software. Every IIG Project follows the following process:

Engagement & Analysis
Upon reception of a sign engagement letter, IIG will begin by identifying the scope and the key elements of your solution. Speaking with your key employees and department heads to get a complete view of your requirements, IIG will then provide you with an estimate based on your needs. IIG’s Project Manager will work closely with you to define the vision you have for your new solution. This hands on consulting process will allow IIG to identify potential and processes that are vital to the success of your solution.
Once the estimate for your project has been completed, it is sent back to you for final approval. After the specifications have been approved, the Project Manager will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for the project. This plan will establish deadlines and milestones as well as specific software, network, hardware configurations needed to achieve your goals. IIG’s Network Services Division will work with you to find a cost effective approach to your hardware needs.
Development Phase
Once our project schedule has been finalized and approved, the development work on your project will begin by being assigned to one of our highly qualified programmers that will have a complete understanding of your needs. During this stage, we develop, test and deliver components and modules of your future applications or e-solution. We provide Web Demonstrations to show you the progress of the solution and use your feedback to alter and augment your solution. Early detection of any potential problems allows us to complete the development process quickly, and at minimal cost.
Status Updates, Training, & Implementation
IIG’s programming staff will work with you to implement your new software solution and offer quality training for your staff. Status Updates are an effective tool for your to understand the progress of your development project. Depending on the scope and duration of your project, the Project Manager will provide timely status updates and work with your staff to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page.
Technical Support & Maintenance
IIG is committed to the ongoing support of our products and offers support and maintenance plans for all our custom programming projects. We are always just a phone call away. IIG also employs a sophisticated mobile communications network and an advanced service management system to ensure that we maintain a high level of responsiveness. Customer Service is paramount our success and your satisfaction.