Agile, successful companies focus on their core business and outsource complex, administrative functions – such as payroll and sales tax management – to the experts. Information Integration Group, Inc., in partnership with Avalara, can address your sales tax challenges. This cloud-based service is the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way to calculate sales and use tax, manage exemption certificates, file returns, and remit payments across North America and beyond. Sage Sales Tax by Avalara provides seamless, integration with 200+ ERP, accounting, E-commerce, and retail POS systems, including Sage ERP. Sage Sales Tax by Avalara is a Sage Endorsed Solution. The Avalara AvaTax API makes it possible to integrate with just about everything else.


The Sage Sales Tax by Avalara tax decision engine determines rates based on 100,000+ taxability rules in 11,000+ jurisdictions and instantly applies them to each transaction. Geo-location provides the basis for precise identification of tax jurisdictions and associated taxability and sourcing rules, ensuring the most complete and accurate tax rate.


Avalara CertCapture 

Limit audit exposure on non-taxed transactions with end-to-end certificate lifecycle management. The Avalara CertCapture wizard makes it simple to digitally create, process, and access valid customer exemption certificates – in your ERP, at the POS register, or within an e-shopping cart. Avalara CertCapture integrates with tax decision systems such as Sage Sales Tax by Avalara, and with retail POS systems and ecommerce shopping carts for easy access, renewal and reporting.


Avalara Returns 

File returns and remit payments on time using a single payment solution. Avalara Returns integrates seamlessly with Sage Sales Tax by Avalara or utilizes collection data from other systems to handle all sales tax-related filing, reporting and payments for your business. Whether the jurisdiction requires e-filing or hard-copy returns, Avalara Returns performs the job.Thousands of businesses large and small rely on Avalara to make sales tax compliance less taxing. Learn more at